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Mallard Lane Farms


White Doves

The white dove is universally recognized as a symbol of love, peace, and purity. Throughout time Kings, Popes, and grooms-to-be have released or presented white doves as symbols of their love, devotion and hopes for the future.

Our doves are kept out doors year round in the same aviaries that house our ducks, pheasants and peafowl. In these large enclosures they get along well with the other species. We enjoy watching them build their nest and care for their young in a way that is much different from the other birds we keep. In our aviaries Nest are built in the branches of shrubs and made mostly out of pine needles. The female will lay only 2 eggs and both sexes will take turns incubating them. When the babies hatch in about 2 weeks they are naked, blind and most would say quite unattractive. They rely completely on their parents for food and warmth. The babies grown quickly and often before we know it are flying around the aviary like their parents.

Doves can become very tame and even though ours are kept outdoors and are not handled it is not uncommon for one to come right up to me or even try to perch on me as I am filling the feeders. If kept singly indoors doves can become very bonded with their owners much like parrots and other cage birds.